IPv6, not so ready yet?

    Once I got my home network setup with separated VLAN's I started thinking what next? IPv6 of course!

    As SixXS had just recently announced sunsetting SixXS (really interesting read btw!) I thought it would be worthwhile to check the IPv6 status of my ISP as it was so long time ago when I setup my first IPv6 tunnel. They surely had the setups already up and running as the need for IPv6 was clear! But for my surprise both of the major ISP's here in Finland, Elisa and Telia, were still not offering IPv6 to all of their customers. I even reached their customer support regarding this but the answer was that it was still work in progress.

    So back to setting up a tunnel using HE.net services and the waiting game for getting native connectivity still continues. Sigh!

    Ilari Mäkelä

    Ilari Mäkelä

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    Hämeenlinna, Finland

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