When your pet gets sick

    Last few days have been really hard for us as our older cat Tuure has been ill. First we thought that he was just stressed as we were away for two days at the years end but when the problems with eating continued we had no chance but to take the cat to doctor. He got some fluids and some medicine that helps to eat but unfortunately that did not help as we had to take him back to the doctor today. Doctor investigated him again and the end result was that we had to leave him there for the night to be monitored and investigated more. Even though we've had our cats only few months it's feels really awful and stressful when one is ill. Even the slightest feeling that we might lose Tuure feels so distressing. And all we can now do is to wait.

    Ilari Mäkelä

    Ilari Mäkelä

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    Hämeenlinna, Finland

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